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Re: Well it’s over and I’m home

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@penny 34230 wrote:

Wow you must be in so much pain bless you, thank you so much for your support, I do hope you are able to move a lot better today, and I agree trackies are great, so comfortable. I am going to look into the weight loss groups and see if i could get motivated. I am also going to try the hyponothrapy that vickster suggested.
Thanks so much all. xx

I ventured out for an hour yesterday as I was going stir crazy. I was flippin shattered when I got home. It made me very emotional as it has been a good reminder of how far I have come in life since my bypass. It’s not all about clothes, weight and holidays. Having wls lets you live again.

Hypnotherapy can work very well indeed. I’m so happy to see a more positive and hopeful outlook from you Penny. I know it’s really hard to keep it up but the mere fact that you are trying makes my heart swell, it really does. We are all here to support you on the days when being positive simply isn’t an option. You are not alone 🙂

Doodah x

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