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Re: Well it’s over and I’m home

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@penny 34205 wrote:

Hi Doodah,
Glad you had a good holiday, great to have you back,
I am in a bad way and not doing to good, since I had my band emptied by Mr Chris Pring to stop the awful symtoms of regurge and pain and sickness, it has made me so hungry I am eating so much and have put on a stone in just 3 weeks I cannot stop eating, I am still having pain but just because I am overdoing it but can not stop. I tried to phone st richards today only it was so busy i did not get a answer on the phone, I have been given a letter for a revsion to gastric by pass and I am at a tier 4. I believe this still means a long wait, I am not sure what to do I hate myself and the way I am begining to look again. I wondered if chris pring would fill my band again until i can have the revision, he said the band was on my oesophagous .! sorry needed to spill, i cannot stop crying and that makes the cycle worse.

Oh Penny, I’m so very sorry to hear how miserable you are. Keep trying to get through at St Richard’s. You may have more luck this week as many people are off on their holidays.

As for hating yourself, PLEASE don’t. You are human. We humans have faults (I have more than my fair share, I can tell you) so it is almost inevitable that we will make mistakes. This does not mean that we are bad people. Food addiction is real. Some turn to alcohol or tobacco, we turn to food.

Chris Pring must have a very good reason for emptying your band but, as I am not a clinician or a surgeon, I have no clue what it is. All I do know is that he will have put your safety first. As you say you possibly have quite a way to go before you can have a revision, perhaps it might help to join a weight loss group in the time being? Even if it is to simply maintain the weight you are now. It could help you to not gain anymore.

I feel so sorry for you, I really do. Sending you a virtual hug my lovely. Keep phoning and let them know how desperate you feel. Please keep in touch too. We are all here for you and are on your side.

Doodah x

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