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Re: Well it’s over and I’m home

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@Lelly 34191 wrote:

Hope you had a wonderful holiday Doodah, we all missed you on here. My trouble was poo related rather than pee :O) but hopefully getting under control, I did speak to Loxwood and they reassured me but said to contact them if it continues. I am feeling better thank you and do not regret having this done, although my hubby bought fresh crusty bread yesterday and I found myself sniffing it, I am not hungry but the look of things that I used to love plays with my head. Cooked sausage stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon with new potatoes, macaroni cheese and salad with coleslaw on Saturday ans although I looked at it lovingly the smell of cucumber was the worst thing. I did stick my finger in the macaroni cheese sauce though, bad girl
Lelly xx

That’s all entirely normal. It’s such a hard habit to break – eating when we are not even hungry. As I type, I have a plate of toast that had been sitting there for over an hour now as I would rather have another brew than eat the toast! I will eventually get round to eating it but not until my thirst has been quenched fully. Tea is a total lifesaver for me as I can drink it all day without guilt. It also comforts me more than anything else in the world. I gave up sugar in my tea 6 months ago so that I could drink more tea without having to worry about my teeth with all the sugar I was having!

Slow and steady wins the race. Not just the sprint at the beginning – the whole entire Marathon!

Thank you, the weather on holiday was absolutely amazing. Average of 34C every day. Being to lizard I now am after wls (always cold) it was bliss to be so warm!! I had pistachio ice cream every day and still managed to lose 5 lbs! It must have been all the swimming!

Doodah x

Doodah x

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