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Re: Weightloss has stopped!

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Almost there

@jansus28 28814 wrote:

Hi everyone! It’s been a while and my weightless has stopped!! Still eating small portions but eating not the right food!! Finding it difficult and trying not to slip back to old eating habits but it is so hard! Need to go back to the gym and eat healthy again! Know what to do just need to do it! Why do we fall backwards! It’s so not fair! Total weight loss now 6 stone 7 lbs! Thank you for read my rent!! Xxxxx love you all xxx

It is very challenging when weight loss stops especially when. One still has weight to lose! However your post says that you have had a little blip with food choices so don’t beat yourself up just get back on the straight and narrow once again, my weight loss stopped after only the first 10 months and sobsequent tests showed I am metabolically compromised from starving my body for so long! So it’s been. Difficult to think this is where my weight stays but am now undergoing plastics to help remove almost 5 stones of excess skin so that should help onwards and upwards!!, best of luck to you

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