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Re: Weightloss has stopped!

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It’s true that extra weight from the excess skin can quite a few pounds. My tummy tuck relieved me of quite a few! However, we also have to remember that our bodies are very, very clever and highly evolved to retain fat at every given opportunity (40,000 years of evolution) so sometimes we just have to accept that what we consider a desirable weight (which is often dictated purely by fashion) may not be the one our bodies requires.

I could be a stone lighter and still not be underweight. I have accepted that I will never be a size 10. At almost 54 years of age it’s probably a good idea. I have extra cushioning for my poor arthritic old bones should I ever fall and a bit of ‘spare’ should I become ill. I had food poisoning last weekend so it was just as well that I am not on the lower end of a desirable weight as I would have ended up looking and feeling dead rather than ill!!

The whole point of wls is better health. I personally believe that improved looks are merely a bonus. Our bodies work so very hard for us that we can sometimes forget that they need a holiday just like us! Be patient, trust the surgery, follow the guidelines and it will happen. It might not be as quickly as you would like and you may not get as low a weight as you want but your health will improve and so will your confidence. That is far more attractive than a perfect size ten figure 😉

Doodah x

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