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Re: Weightloss has stopped!

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@jansus28 28832 wrote:

Thank you Doodah you are always right! I have missed your wise words! Well I weighed myself today after two weeks! I was actually scared too! And I remember being told not to weigh my self all the time! Which I had been on a daily basis! And guess what!? I have lost the extra 5lbs I had put on!!!! Thank god!! So that has given me a great push!

I was thinking of doing the milk duet again for one week only to see if that kick stats me again! I will hold off until I am stuck again!

I think you are right the weather is bad! I went on holiday to Aurba in the carriban it was amazing hot and sunny and it was all I needed! However the all inclusive food and rum did not help and that’s why the 5lbs appeared!!! However I did well on hols ate well however felt very sick by the end as the food was too rich!!!

Sorry to hear about your dog it’s not fair but I feel your pain Hun xxxx you are an amazing inspiration Doodah and you are very strong xxx

Good to be back xxx

Thanks my lovely. I know some people don’t understand about losing a pet but it honestly feels like I have lost a friend. I keep looking round from my desk to see his big soulful eyes as he lies right by the chair – to find he isn’t there. Gulp. My two dogs kept me company after I had my surgery and now I only have Pippy, my Chocolate Labrador who is also grieving for his lifelong friend.

I took him for a nice long walk yesterday in the sunshine and was amazed at how much better it made me feel so I think my theory about the weather might be right!

It is not a good idea to constantly weigh ourselves as we can fluctuate by pound even during one day. And I always ask myself ‘What do ‘normal’ people do?’ Well they sure as heck don’t weigh themselves several times a day. I suppose because they don’t worry about their weight, they eat healthily most of the time but don’t get wracked with guilt over a few extra puddings or rum punches!! Stress can halt weight loss and even make you gain a bit so I have stopped worrying and don’t weigh myself all the time. However, I do recognise the need for proper nutrition so, if the number on those scales creep up, I cut back on the non essential and nutritionally vacant foods until I feel tip top again. This is usually reflected on the scales and how comfy my favourite jeans are!

You were right to thoroughly enjoy your holiday – it’s what the ‘normals’ do lol! Isn’t that all any of us have ever wanted to be? Healthy, happy and at peace with ourselves: not a bad goal in life 🙂

Doodah x

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