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Re: Weight v Size

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@treeza 33037 wrote:

Hello all you lovely people. I’m so sorry I haven’t been on here for a while.

I’ve just been reading some of the posts from newbies & remembered how important this forum was to me in the beginning both pre & post op. I know I wouldn’t have got through without the support from here.

I’m nearly 18 months out & over 13 stone down. The first 10 were easy but the last 3 have been slow with a huge stall that freaked me out which brings me to the title of this post. Weight v Size.

At the start of my WL journey all I wanted was to get down to size 16/18. I did have a weight in my mind to & guessed they’d marry up. I started in size 30+ clothes & couldn’t/wouldn’t wear trousers goodness only know what size they’d have been.

Well I haven’t got down to my weight goal but I’m now in size 16 top & bottom. Eeek how excited am I!! I could possibly be 14 top but to scared to try?!

So although I’m not half my weight I’m now half my starting size. It’s hard but please try not to let the numbers on the scales concern you too much like it did me as you can bet your bottom dollar you’re still shrinking.

I wish you all no matter where you are on your journey all the very best x stay strong, have faith in your team, your surgery but most of all YOURSELF. you can & will succeed.

I promise to visit the forum more often to see how your all getting on x take care & as the lovely Doodah always says be kind to yourself.

Love & hugs

Teresa x

Fantastic post Teresa – thank you so much for it.

You are absolutely right that size and weight do not always marry up. And spot on regarding the number on the scales. I stopped worrying about it years ago when I realised that, although I wanted to be a size 12 in everything, without plastic surgery, It was never going to happen. So, I’m a 12 in some things but 14 in almost everything. Not exactly a tragedy for a woman of my age lol!

You have been a huge source of support on this forum and in the support group – now THAT cannot be measured on the scales!!

Doodah x

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