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Re: Weight loss stopped

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@londonmag 27971 wrote:

Very happy to be 10 st down since October, but gutted at weight plateaud at 21-4. Been there for 3 weeks. Not getting full feeling, bad cravings and very down and worried if honest

Hi there.

Please allow yourself the time to re read what you have written. You have lost TEN stones. I think you will agree that your body has been working very, very hard for you? It is telling you it needs a little holiday from losing weight just now. The worst thing you can do now is feel despondent and give in.

We ALL hit a plateau at some point. Sometimes more than one if we have loads to lose. I had two. One at 8 st and another at 12 st lost. The first one lasted for 4 weeks, the second for 2 months! But I still lost all 15 st in under 18 months so please don’t fret about it.

Keep to the plan you have made for yourself as it is obviously working but perhaps go over it and find elements that you could ‘fine tune’. If you get seriously worried then phone your team – it’s what they are there for after all!

Please let me know how you get on. This cold weather won’t be helping anyone either – we all tend to eat more when we are trying to stay warm. Heaven knows we wls folk feel the cold way more than others 🙁 You are doing brilliantly. Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and had gained your lost ten stone back – now think how wonderful you feel that it isn’t going to happen.

Doodah x

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