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Re: Weight loss on the Milk Diet

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@hazelann70 22404 wrote:

When I had the band in 2001 there was no such thing as the pre op diet. I think that came in around 2002 lol
I did laugh at you Doodah, I weighted myself on Tues and though “Shit, there’s another 1 1/2 gained” until I literally had one and hey presto, 1 1/2lb of turd later and I’d not gained at all lol Makes you wonder how we can store such an amount and that’s without being constipated so heaven knows how my loo would cope if I didn’t go for a few days. I’d have to beat it down with a stick.

Haha! Nothing like a good ‘turn out’ :-)) I have had to resort to pouring boiled water down the loo to ‘encourage’ a particularly unwelcome guest to leave!! We call them ‘Sittingbourne specials’ in our house as it happened once at Sittingbourne Train station. The utter panic!!! Took ages to get the bugger to depart haha!! Sorry for the poop humour – childish I know but I think it’s better to have a sense of humour about such things.

Doodah x

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