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Re: Weight loss has stopped!

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@jansus28 27534 wrote:

Feeling better today after my talk with Ann Marie. She is so right before I started my journey I was 21 stone 12 lbs when I saw her on 2nd jan 13 I was 16 stone 6lbs and now I am 16 stone 5 lbs! I have to celebrate what I have done so far and just need to re look at what I am doing now and change a few things! Our minds take a long time to change to the healthy eating way! I just have to accept that !!

It takes AGES for our minds to catch up with our bodies doesn’t it? I picked up a size 12 skirt last week, looked at it and thought ‘As IF’ and put it back. As I walked away I suddenly realised ‘hang on a minute – that’s your size now’ went back and tried it on. It fitted but it really didn’t suit me. I actually think that instead of saying to myself that it was the style I didn’t much care for, my old way of thinking made be doubt that it would fit me. Isn’t that weird? I think it might have been the old me remembering that I didn’t have any choice. In the bad old days, I had one shop and one catalogue to choose my clothes from. My overriding choice was ‘Do they do it in my size’ not ‘will it suit me’. We get so used to having limited choice that we get bamboozled when we can have everything (cost permitting!)

Glad your talk with Ann Marie has helped you. Aftercare is so important isn’t it? I honestly believe that sometimes we just need someone ‘in charge’ to tell us what we already know. We doubt ourselves so much that we need affirmation from someone we respect within the health care system.

Doodah x

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