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Re: Weight loss has stopped!

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Hey Jansus

I had my bypass nearly a year ago and at several points during my journey I thought that my weight loss had stopped. I monitored it over the months and found that frequently I would lose nothing for two or three weeks as then suddenly drop half a stone in one week. I mentioned this to mr Pring when I saw him at the end of last year and he said that this is common post WLS. I guess what I am trying to say is don’t panic! It will come off and everyone is different. I am now 60 kg (9 stone 7) from a starting weight of 120kg and couldn’t be happier. Over Christmas and the following 3 weeks I stayed at 10 stone and was happy to have gone over my target weight. I then dropped half a stone in a week and am now trying to put a few pounds on as I am 5ft 7 and am looking a little skinny (never thought I’d say that!!)
It will work for you and the further you are into your journey, the more you will notice patterns emerging.
Good luck

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