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Re: weight loss

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Hi Andy

I can appreciate your concern. I’m nearly 14 mths out and don’t need to lose anymore either. Lost most of my weight in about 7/9 mths but kept regularly losing. Never ever plateaud. Eat well but only what I should have have never dumped or been sick. Felt full at times which necessitated lying down on my side til some wind passed then very soon say 15mins fine again. I eat 3 meals and three snacks everyday and have since hospital. I can eat everything and have a wonderful variety of all colour and types of food. I’ve not tried any naughties as I feel at 62 this is my last chance.
I suggest you have a word with your GP and the dieticians. They explained to me about eating to stabilise and maintain my weight. I run a website at Obesity Weight Consultant for Southampton I Weight Management Programme for West Sussex I Lifestyle Weight Consultant for Portsmouth you can get in touch with me further through that too if you like Andy. I’ve followed you and I empathise with you. Well done on your success. My surgeon and GP wanted me at about 12.7 I’m now 10.12 and have been since 1/4. They are happy with that but don’t want me to go any lower so I keep up my nutrition and watch my weight as I agree. I used to weigh 23.10+ so I’ve lost 13 st. Just proves us losers all have a diff journey doesn’t it. All the best buddy. Are you at the teaparty hope so.

Renn (Madeleine)

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