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Re: Weight & inch loss!

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@treeza 30447 wrote:

I love your little tales Doodah! I do still have a way to go but I’m more than half way in 5 months so I’m delighted! I’ve had a variety of reactions! When I was weighed & measured at curves yesterday Rachael the owner was jumping up & down especially when she saw my BMI! Bless her. A couple of nurse friends I haven’t seen since pre op were literally stunned! Another friend kept saying I’d lost her 20 year old daughter! I was so embarrassed & it’s put me off saying to some people! The main thing is I’m happy, my hubby & children are happy & my lovely mom is delighted! X

I have many to tell Treeza!

Halfway to your goal in five months! Say it out loud to yourself – it’s phenomenal isn’t it? Did you ever think it was possible?

Do NOT be put off telling people. You will be amazed at how interested the general populace is about wls. They only ever see it in the tabloids and on Channel four programmes so to meet someone who is a experiencing it is fascinating to them. It’s wonderful that the people you love the most are so happy for you. It’s such a boost to morale.

Doodah x

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