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@Sue Murray 31896 wrote:

Thanks for getting back to me. With everything that’s happened to me over the last 2 years I think I might be in the first group! It is only during this time that I have gained weight.
I will keep a food diary and try to get back in to good habits.

You’re very welcome. A food diary is a real eye opener actually. I think absolutely everyone indulges in ‘mindless’ eating from time to time (ok, maybe not elite athletes) but it is the degree to which we allow it to become the ‘norm’ that becomes the problem. I guess that, eventually, even mindless eating of fruit and/or vegetables would not be a good thing if it were to become a habit.

I have managed to get most of my extra pounds off – slowly. There is nothing unhealthy to eat in this house! And that is how it was for me right at the beginning. I just figured that if I went back to the beginning, I would regulate things again. It seems to have worked. If the other pounds don’t go, then I will accept it as part of being middle aged and thickening round the middle a few centimetres! hardly a tragedy is it really – in the scheme of things 😉 I have found my Bariatric Portion Plate to be my best friend.

Doodah x

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