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Re: weight gain

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@miss missy 34669 wrote:

Hi, I’ve not been on here for a very long tine,but I’m wondering if anybody else is in my situation. I had my surgery in Feb 2011 and weighed in at 19 1. In that first year I got down to 9 4. But since then I can now eat anything and in large quantities. Hence my weight has ballooned to. 14 and a half stone. Is this normal or has something gone horribly wrong. I’m wondering whether to contact the hospital about this. Would appreciate any advice. Much love, miss missy.xx

Hi Missy and welcome to our friendly forum.

It’s not unknown for people to gain weight after losing a great deal after weight loss surgery. Over time, if we keep pushing the boundaries, our pouches can stretch which means more can be eaten. May I ask which surgery you had?

I would suggest that, in the first instance, you contact your GP and the team at the hospital where you had your surgery. This will help to rule out any health reasons why this should happen.

Unfortunately, some people struggle with the psychological aspects of having wls. Our bodies get slimmer and healthier but our emotions and psychological well being might not ‘catch up’. In my humble opinion (I am not a clinician) I think some people don’t pay enough attention to the reasons why they needed wls in the first place. I had three years of therapy before my wls and I am convinced that it has helped me to keep my weight stable for 7.5 years.

Also, remember that you are still 5st lighter than you used to be so all is not in vain! You know you can do it so perhaps you need a bit of help to get started again? many people find slimming clubs useful as they keep you on track. As Chris says, support groups are hugely beneficial too. Not only do they support and help people but spending time with people who know EXACTLY how you are feeling is so comforting and reassuring.

Please let us know what you decide to do and keep in touch. You are not alone in this. Every single person on this forum will help you. they are a fantastic bunch of lovely, non judgemental folk who have all had the same experiences as you.

Doodah x

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