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Re: Weight Gain!!!

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Hello there,

Just thought I would add some thoughts to the weight gain post….

Had RNYGB 06/08/10 – nearly a year ago….

Most of my weight journey has been down hill, however I do weigh myself an awful lot.

I appreciate that we should not necessarily weigh ourselves excessively, but for someone like myself – it helps me keep on top of my weight loss.

I have gained 1-2 pounds on occassion – and weighing myself and seeing this makes me review my diet/excercise. I don’t think this is a bad thing. It does make you feel sad, and frustrated to see the scales moving upwards – BUT it also makes you proactive.

There are a lot of reports through the media stating that people have had gastric bypass operations – and gained most of their weight back – but surely they would have seen this by using the scales – and doing something proactive to stop this…

As far as I am concerned – my scales will always be in my bathroom, on the same spot so I can keep an eye on my weight – I have lost 146 lbs, 10.6 stones so far – and by hook or by crook its going to stay off.

But may i also add that if the scales do show a gain – we have to accept that it’s not a crisis. It does feel like it is, but really there are lots of reasons we may gain weight.

One example is that women are known to put on some weight before mensturating. This is highly reported on, and is only temporary. However, also during mensturation – our appetite and hormone levels change – this can lead us to eating more.

So my advice is, try and watch what your eating during this time. Expect some weight gain, but check to see if it comes off after mensturation finishes. If not – work harder with your diet and exercise.

In general – male or female – we may all put on some weight, especially during stressful times – as eating and emotion is heavily connected. What we have to be aware of is that we do not go to the point of no return.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE – always be aware of your weight. I would hate to see a person who has gone through so much to lose weight – just to regain it again.

I wish good health, and healthy sustainable weight loss to all. We deserve to regain our quality of life, so lets make sure it stays that way.

Liz x

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