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Re: Weight gain

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ruby tuesday

HazelAnn, I am not sure what stage you are at, whether you are on sloppy foods, or further down the line and able to eat normal foods, but I was wondering whether you might be able to switch to more crunchy salad based meals, with protein, rather than a meal with gravy, so that you have to chew more? I appreciate if this is too soon for you, it won’t be possible, but it sounds like you need to change your eating to avoid going for scampi and chips which you say is harder to digest, as it is not really nutritious if cooked in batter or breadcrumbs and not the healthiest option to choose. Can you digest some nuts as snacks, to help get used to chewing more, or is that too early? Having just read your post again, I think you are really probably so hungry having skipped breakfast that it means you do need to eat more for dinner, and I see you say it sets of grazing for the day if you do eat it. I can’t take porridge, milk does not agree, so have few teaspoons of natural yoghurt, few blueberries (from frozen, so I don’t run out), and sprinkle of bran and oat based cereal. If I try anything more substantial, I too find it hard, so I keep it small, but will have a snack of couple of oat biscuits, few dried apricots, sometimes few nuts, mid-morning. I know dietry advice is that protein breakfast and lunch are important, but I guess we just have to get in what we can! xx

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