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Re: Weight gain

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Hi Paul,

Yes this life choice is really just that we have to live our lives using the tool we have been given, not eay when out head just wants us to eat. Some great suggestions above. I think we all fall back into bad habits and make bad choices but that is what they are – choices and this journey is very much a mental battle to so as suggested

Keep a food diary – things can look different in black and white – be honest as you only have yourself to think about on this.
Up your fluids – this can never be a bad thing at anytime for us all.

Go for a walk at lunchtime or when you can fit it in, or a swim or anything you enjoy. You will reep the rewards I am sure.
It is coming up to spring plan a walk a take a nice picnic with you, pull on your hat and gloves and get some fresh air and daylight on your cheeks.

Keep posting on here for the support – you have already done the best thing possible but getting back in touch on here, so keep in touch and get on here when you feel the call to the kitchen, grab a drink and log on here. That will stop the calories settling on as you will be occupied on here, and help the newbies that are coming along.

Well done on your weight loss you have done well and this is not a race, this is the rest of your life whihc has up’s and downs so hopefully you will be on a downer ( weight wise) very soon.

Take care you loser xx

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