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Re: Weight gain

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Thanks for the post Ruby. I have scampi probably once every 2 years and really am not a chip lover as they are so dry usually (I do oven chips for the rest of the family). On their crap day (Generally a Monday as it’s mad in the evenings), I tend to go for something else as it doesn’t really float my boat. We all generally eat loads of veg each day and so I feel my food choices are generally good but as we are all only normal, the odd thing does get by. I’m not hungry in the day and know most of it’s in my head but as soon as I have dinner I tend to start to graze which is where the problem lies. If I had breakfast it would be an all day long thing generally. There are no set rules for everyone and a dietician told me if it works for me then do it (this was when I had the band). I had salmon and veg last night and it got stuck which gave me reassurance that the bypass pouch is still working. It was a nice feeling although uncomfortable to know it’s still working. It went down after a couple of hours and I ate the rest lol. I did have a chuckle when you said about having a couple of mouthfuls of yogurt though. Jesus, I eat a bowl of the stuff with a banana in the evenings and think nothing of it but again, that slips down no problem and so I could probably consume a pint of it with no problems. I think I just need to cut out the gravy and see how I go really. Today has been a bit of a sod of a day though as I’ve been at work and I have changed sausages and burgers (I run a cafe) and they just had to be tried so there’s 2 slip ups! Not to mention the trial run of eccles cakes that I baked yesterday that were a little over cooked and so I landed up giving them away and having to try one. Thankfully I only open on a Friday and a Saturday. I probably burnt the calories off in shivering though as it was 5.5C in my kitchen today!

I just wish there were more foods that I have trouble with really. I’ve never been one for salads, in fact I hate them. Well not hate them but hate preparing them. I find they are boring. I am eating more fruit now though but again, they are still calories and so being able to down a whole navel orange may be great but when you look at how many calories in them it makes you think twice.

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