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Re: Weight gain

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It’s the worrying question I have been asking myself over the last month or so. I am concerned that I can eat far too much in one go.When I look at what I’m eating, it does appear to be more sloppy stuff e.g.shep pie and veg kind of things. Not that this has been a conscious thing though. I had some oven chips and scampi last night and struggled with eating it which gave me reassurance that the bypass is still working with therestriction but only for more solid foods. I can eat a reasonable size roast dinner now but again, when I analyse what I’m doing, I’m mashing it all up inthe gravy and downing it and so can eat more each time. NOT GOOD. I do skip breakfast as often as I can as this seems to set me off grazing for the day. I know it’s not ideal but it works for me to reduce the overall daily calorie intake otherwise I’d be gaining more weight than I am now. I find there is hardly anything I can’t eat (just over a year post op btw) although the occasional thing does catch me out! Like half a bag of sugar free humbugs theother day (roughly 8 of them and they are small). It must have been the sugar replacement as I was on the pan all evening. Strangely enough I was grinning most of the evening in the thought that there is still something that I can’teat to excess. Real porridge is another one that for some reason doesn’t like me. I actually had breakfast yesterday and I felt so hot afterwards I thought Iwas going to spontaneously combust. That passed after about an hour and again,no bed effects. It can be quite depressing at times to see the weight go onslowly and one wonders how to get our heads into eating the foods we know we struggle with i.e. won’t go down so well rather than give side effects. I knowif I wrap something in bread it will go down easier yet other people can’t touch the stuff. We are all so different aren’t we? If only I wasn’t such alazy cow and could find the motivation to get off my arse and exercise then perhaps that would help. I’ve cracked the weight issue (for now) (with a tool) andgiven up smoking (with a tool – Champix) yet there’s no tools out there to give you motivation for exercise is there! I’m seeing Mr Adamo this month and so will discuss with him my problems. Not that he can do much though. Shame they can’t tighten the pouch like they can with a band! Or can they? lol

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