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Re: Weight gain

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@Dizzy 31265 wrote:

Hi.. im back again and in need o some support….. after shedding 19 stone in total i am more obsessed than ever by the scales and food !!! The control i had i feel has wained and if i dont get a grip on this very slippery slope i can see exactly where it will lead….. bad choices such as a little bit of butter on my jacket spud again, n cheese as well, all the little things that could lead to bigger things are slowly creeping back in… hubby point blankly refuses to let me pin my ” big ” pictures on the fridge n cupboards …

Hi Dizzy nice to hear from you again!

Can I start by saying that a 19st weight loss is utterly tremendous and you should never forget that! You must have worked your butt off – quite literally!

Right, as for regain, it happens. Some people will have a bit of a ‘bounce back’ from their lowest ever weight, as their bodies settle in after wls. However, if you think bad habits are creeping back in then that is what you should be focusing on. Is there anything you can think of that might have prompted it? Are you under a lot of stress?

I would suggest keeping a food diary for a week. That way, you can track where you are being ‘tempted’ to slip. Be really, really honest about what and how you’ re eating and you will more than likely see a pattern. Then you can begin to tackle the triggers.

Is your husband being supportive still? You do not have to answer that but him not allowing you to pin your ‘big’ photos on the fridge might mean more than it seems? maybe a sit down honest chat about it all might be a good idea?

Please let us know how things are going. But more importantly, please DO NOT forget just how far you have come.

Doodah x

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