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@Doodah 33455 wrote:

Hi Lelly

Firstly, don’t forget that everyone is different and it can also depend on the availability of all the team required to meet such rigid needs for each person. If you don’t know someone’s personal medical requirements, then you can’t really compare.

Also, I think sometimes people dwell on the negative because they have got used to doing so. By that, I mean that when you are really obese, nothing happens easily so it is perfectly natural that you can get used to expecting the worst possible outcome. We have all done it!

The trick is to change your mind set. By being positive and finding a positive about everything, life can be so much better. When I got turned down twice for wls, I told myself it was because the timing was wrong. My goodness didn’t that turn out to be true. By having to wait, I ended up at St Richards, with Shaw Somers. Through him I met people who would lead me to life long friends and the job of my dreams – all because I was knocked back twice!

I’m a firm believer in fate/faith. Things happen for a reason. I know waiting is horrible but there may be a bigger plan being put into place and it needs more time. Once I had seen Shaw, my surgery took place within a month! It was a bit of a scramble and was like when my children arrived a month early – totally unprepared – TWICE!!

Please don’t lose hope. Your time will come. It just has to be 100% the RIGHT time for you. Big hugs xx

Doodah x

I know that you are right Doodah but it is hard and when you are given an idea by the hospital and then someone who has had his bypass comes along and bursts your balloon. I will try and be patient, although I cannot guarantee it :O) xx

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