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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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Phoenix huney, sounds a little familiar with the fish……
Are you not a little too early to be on the semi solids?
Broths soups and the likes however awful are their to allow your insides to heal…..

You have to remeber your still recovering inside, the outsides appear to heal very quickly dont let that confuse you that you do not need to take care early on….
Fish with butter boil in a bag was awful for me, I have completley gone of it…… but not fish completley so do not dispare yet….

Give yourself a few days with things that will melt in your mouth, take your time (I know silly but true)
The fear of eating out after experiencing sickness or frothing will have you worryig but give it time.

Perhaps a phonecall to the dietician might give you a little more guidance for a few days while you stop feeling tender.. reaching with sickness does make pouch tender, just needs a little time to recover before you try again….

Make a call sweetheart, they will not want you worrying and they are of course the professionals…

Sloppies for a few days, heal and then try again……

Awwwww ( take care )

Buzz xx

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