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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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Phoenix, my love, it started pretty much the same time for me, I was doing really well and then suddenly I started being regularly sick.. I thought it was because i tried to run before I could walk , there is a post about me being sick and I got some very good advice. Claire particularly made a point of saying to slow down the eating even more, to put the knife and fork down between mouthfuls and dont pick them up again until you have chew chew chewed and swallowed. Also I think it started to become a little psychological with me, because i felt the same, like it was kinda stuck, but as soon as i was sick i felt fine, being sick was easy so i went ahead and was sick!!! So ….. what I done was, what Claire said with the knife and fork, she also advised me to take deep breaths and breath through it. I also massaged my chest area (sounds saucy lol) whilst breathing through it. In through ya nose, out through ya mouth!! it worked for me in the end. I do sympathise because I too was doing so well, but it does improve and now I eat anything!!! LITERALLY!!!
I promise it will get easier. I got to be honest, when I spoke to the dietician she wasnt really concerned and didnt really help! I got more help from on here at the forum.

much love xx precious xx

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