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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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Hello Kitty..sure their is a marketing ploy with that one….lol.
So glad you decided to jump on in, its never enough just dipping your toes when you realise the others are having sooo much fun.
5 weeks out a!!!!. Still such early days.

It was week 7 or 8 before I actually started to feel anything like normal and shake the tiredness, breads for me took much much longer, they congielled up and pretty much stuck, i cant imagine what it must be like adding sticky peanut butter lol…

Ryvita’s and the like are sooo much easier, it breaks down a lot better when your eating it and does not solidify in your pouch, perhaps try them or french toast for a bit… will help make you regular too….

It takes months for your insides to heal, please be careful.
Im not saying give it up forever hun, just for another week or two…. carbs like bread are really not so good for you yet.

Nag, over…

Otherwise you little twinkle, how about an introduction post so we get to know you?
Your be an addict to this place just like the rest of us in no time at all, just dont get frustrated if you dont get answers straight away……

Glad to see you posting…

Congratulations on joining in, jumping in as you did…. SPLASH…

Take care and best of luck…

Buzz (Andy) xx

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