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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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Hi precious,

How are you feeling tonight? Hope things are getting better. Tonight I did my greedy pig act and even though my body said STOP, I decided to push it a bit more, as the macaroni cheese was so yummy………not such a yummy feeling after though and spent the next hour lying on the bed as I felt rough! Hopefully lesson learnt and I will now listen to my body next time. Had a bit of what could’ve been a very embarassing episode yesterday, went to a conference in the Metropole Hotel Brighton and there was water on the table. There was about 200 people, with 10 to a table. We were all from different depts in the company we work for, I asked one of the guys to pour me a glass of what I thought was still water…… know what’s coming next…..yes it was sparkling water!!! Thankfully I only took a sip, but I could feel it frothing up in my mouth, and the more I panicked it felt worse. All I could imagine was choking and looking like I’d got rabies. I couldn’t go to the loo as I was on one of the front tables and it happened just as our MD was giving his talk. Thank goodness I had a hanky in my bag and used that…sorry to be so descriptive, but thankfully I had only taken a sip & not a big mouthful, won’t be doing that again in a hurry lol!! Anyone got embarassing experiences like this to share? xx

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