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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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Hi Jacks,

Tired yes, if your being poorly you tend to eat and drink less and its about now your becomming a little more adventorous and doing more so your intake is probably not enough….
Slider foods are just that, they slide straight through you and you really dont get much benefit from them ,hence the need for protien…. and of course your multi viatmins…

Remember what we used to eat, that we have had major surgery, and the meds from that will be wearing off…. its a fine balance and a real struggle sometimes but its better to do soft foods for a day or two if you have been struggling…. just so you have something of value…. Its not going to be forever..7-8 weeks was the turning point for me….. and now at 7 moths their is very little I wont try….. Apart from Coke and fizzy drinks, I miss them soooo much but after the episode in Hong Kong…I’m never going back their again…lol…

Get some ready meals in the freezer, most big stores do one persons shepards pies and the likes..their an awesome meal when your struggling… and so little waste…
Just dont try too hard guys, it will all become pretty natural soon enough…

Eat it with a tea spoon and your never eat it too fast either…..
Back to basics when the need arises… 😉 and you wont go far wrong. If that doesnt work, make a call to the team as it might be something that needs checking. Dont leave it too long I would not want to have someone poorly with my comments….

Good Luck…

Buzz xxx

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