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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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@luckyflower 20599 wrote:

i was sick tonight for the first time! Made lovely meal from the cookbook Thai salmon, puréed it and loved it. Later after coming home from youth group I thought oh I’ll have some more of that without thinking I picked out the potato and chewed it well but BIG mistake.
The crazy thing is I did it without even thinking. Just as we were talking about old habits the other day on here.

Not sure why I am telling everyone except feeling bit fed up!
Forgive the rambling
Lucky x

That’s what this forum is for – telling others in the same boat exactly how you feel, knowing it will be understood and sympathised with 100%! Thank goodness there is always someone on here!

Christmas/holiday season is the time we need each other the most so technology comes into it’s own as, no matter how far apart we all may live, we have each other on hand here to support advise and help. Or to just listen 😉

ps left over food is rarely a good idea. It’s usually too dry. Even re-heated things can cause problems as the consitencey of it changes.

Don’t feel bad about it Lucky – we have all done it. You know why? Because we are human xxxx

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