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Re: Vomiting and Nausea

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HI Elaine

I know the feeling, I was however a little disapointed yesterday, went to M&S at Westwood for a bra fitting, as they are all getting a bit baggy, and I’m between sizes, thought I’d gone down at least a couple of sizes, but hohum, the knickers are definetly getting smaller, I’m already gone down a size, good job I didnt’ throw those smaller sizes out before isn’t it and I have a waist, just wish the tummy would go down now, nobody seems to have noticed, except hubby and daughter but work know I was in hospital, but don’t know what for so they probably think my weight loss is a result of that, which it is but they don’t know that.

I have taken the advice and put crackers in a small food bag in my handbag each day, then at least I have something to snack on and the dizziness seems to be getting better, just have to remember now to move too quickly, it seems to get worse if I’m rushing, and then there’s the nausea. Still it’s all part of life’s rich tapestry!!!

Take care honey and we’ll definitely get together after the bank holidays for that coffee, or water….

Take care

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