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Re: Vitamins and Minerals: FAQ

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ruby tuesday

Folic acid and B12 are involved with red cell formation, lack of these can cause anaemia. The body does not store B vitamins, and they are lost in cooking too, and are probably not being absorbed or utilized by your body, so the GP will prescribe supplements and re-test your blood regularly. Anaemia causes extreme tiredness and hair loss. Folic acid will be in tablet form, B12 is tablet or injection. Injection works faster.

B vitamins are found in animal by products; meat, fish, eggs etc. but the reason deficiency is a risk post-bypass is due to the small section of stomach being used, blocking full absorption of nutrients.

GP can treat Buzz, don’t worry, need to try to eat more protein foods too – obviously liver best source, not sure how digestable post-op though! xx

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