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I am not that far out yet, but do know of other people who have had iron deficiency as a result of their bypass – another common deficiency is B12. However, from what I have seen over the past few years relatively few people need iron infusions. The key is in having regular bloods (yearly for most people) and keeping an eye on your health – if you feel a drop in vitality etc, then get yourself checked out. It is a possibility that you will have deficiencies, but I would not say it is likely. You need to weigh up all the pros and cons, and of the people I know who have needed iron infusions – none of them regret their surgeries. The malabsortive side of the RNY is not usually huge, bigger ops like the DS etc carry a far greater risk of deficiences.

Always remember to take your supplements post op as well, again not a guarantee, but a big help!

Maybe speak to your surgeon about it if you are worried…

Pre-op wobbles are pretty common, and you are wise to think these things through before your op and it is major life changing surgery.

Good luck,


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