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@Kimberly 34711 wrote:

I been having problems with my Warfin it keeps going up and down so fast . Last week I was admitted for five days as I was at risk of throwing blood clots . Well I keep saying to medic and Warfin nurse I do have a gastric bypass . Any way we looked on the forceval px and recommended by the team dietitian . And it’s really surprising it does not contain vitamin K essential for clotting . But dodah santogen gold does . They are going to re refer back to the dietitian as I am now two years post gastric bypass and have been discharged from the team . I have to say I was surprised that the forceval doesn’t have vit k in , I just assumed it did .

I have had vit K problems in the past. My immediate family have a condition called Hughes Syndrome:
Antiphospholipid syndrome – NHS Choices

My Sister and I had terrible pregnancies as we didn’t know we had it. In a million to one chance, both my Mum and Dad had it so we both inherited it.

What I am trying to say is, try to make sure that you get regular blood tests and take a multi vit and mineral supplement that has everything you need in it. My GP put me on Sanatogen Gold right from the start. I also take extra Vit D and Calcium. My bloods rarely come bad with anything flagged up.

We all have to learn to ensure that our care is right for us. Everyone is different. Just because Forceval is the most popular, doesn’t make it the best, so make sure you review it every so often as your needs will change as you get older.

Kim, you have been an absolute bloomin star, my lamb. Your body may be tiny but your spirit in enormous.

Doodah x

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