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@Boo22 34700 wrote:

Hi everyone
I have a couple of queries that I wonder if you may help me with on the lead up to my bypass on 25/11.
I have been reading a fair bit about vitamins that we all need to take post bypass and have heard that forceval is a good one so have got some on prescription from my GP as it will work out cheaper. Now I have read on some sites that everything you take needs to be in liquid form…is that right? What do others use and how do you take it? Also do you take calcium in addition to this?
On a different note…some sites say a catheter is fitted during surgery that may be left in for a while to enable you to pee…was this your experience? I wasn’t expecting that!!
Many thanks!
Boo xx

Hi Boo. I think almost any medication comes in tablet form, however, it can cost more for some so GPs are reluctant to do it. I have been taking Sanatogen Gold for 7.5 years and have had no trouble whatsoever. The extra vitamins I take in addition are Vit D and Calcium (I’m a woman of a certain age and need to take care of my bones!) Vit D as I only get my skin out if the temp is about 25C.

I had a catheter in but I had a full open incision bypass with my gall bladder out at the same time. I suspect another of our lovely up-to-date people on here can help you more with that.

Hope this is helpful. Not long now – WOO HOO!

Doodah x

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