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Re: Visit to harrow

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@johncg 23175 wrote:

Hi Donna.

The Dr can only put in the max of 2 ml at a time and that depends on the size band you had fitted.. I only noticed a very very good restriction when I was on 6 ml. Before that I did feel restriction but only slight.

Any exercise is good and has for the wife having a girley weekend away.. She is away with four gay men… They look after her like she is there daughter. They are fantastic guys…

I still have restriction depending what I eat but the wine goes down very well. Remember what I said? The wine is called yellow tail… Ifs brill.

Take care, happy to have met, sad to depart, happy to meet again…

Love John xxxx

A girly weekend away with four gay guys is my idea of heaven!! Your wife is one lucky gal xx

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