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Re: Visit to harrow

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Hi John,

That’s great news, so they are just replacing the port and not the band?

The weather was awful and still is, every time I take the dog out I get soaked!!! Not good for the hair ha ha!

I feel great after my first fill but I do feel like I am not restricted enough, I’m sure Guy said he put in one and a half ml, that’s not very much is it considering you said you had 8ml in yours??? I suppose I have to build up to that, I have another fill booked on the 12th may under xray with my surgeon Marco so maybe I will ask him to put in some more!?!?

I’ve been swimming for an hour every other day plus walking the dog and I feel fantastic, long may this continue. Finding it hard not to give in to the wine on the weekends though but I have to be strong!

Your wife has the right idea, never too old for a girly weekend, mothers and grandmothers alike, it’s the best tonic for us girls.

Take care, speak soon
Donna x

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