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Re: Very interesting article from the Daily Mail.

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I have been back on the pre-op soup, yogurt and milk eating plan (I hate the D word) for 12 days now and have managed to get 8lbs off of what I re-gained. The strange thing is, as I’m now beginning to introduce the odd thing again, it seems to have re-set my system. Not sure if this is a normal thing to happen or what! I had 2 bags of Kellogs special K mini bites last night (needed the crunch factor and hadn’t had all my soups in the day) and this morning, I’m on the loo! I always found that if I ate anything that was going to go through me in the evening, it would always wait till the morning to exit my system. Saves getting up in the night I guess. Anyway, I’m now at that stage of not wanting to test foods out again which for me is rather fab! Can it be this easy to re-set ourselves to post op status? I’ve loved the plan I must say and although I’ve deviated by having extra fruit in one of my yogurts – I make my own and have one nice bowl a day with a handfull of berries or a banana, it’s been so easy to do. I just don’t want to shout too loudly in case the special k thing is just a blip (in the right way)

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