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Re: Uneven weight loss ?

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@ebaa 26563 wrote:

Hi all hope you are all well & getting in the Christmas spirit ?!!!! Quick question although over the moon with my weight loss it’s quite uneven – my top is a size 12 n from my bottom down is a 16 !?!?! I’m only 6 months post op so can anyone further down the line than me tell me if it evens out ? X

This is a great question that is asked much more than you would think!

In general, most people tend to lose weight from the top down. I know I did as did most of my bariatric buds.

We get to see our collar bones long before our ribs or hips! I have now settled down (after four years of course) and am more or less the shape I was in my teens. Your final shape will depend on what you are naturally. So, if you are were pear shaped when you were not overweight, you more than likely will be pear shaped when you you reach your ‘goal’. It takes about a year for our ‘natural’ shape to emerge.

We all look pear shaped to begin with as the weight comes off from our heads (it’s true!) neck, shoulders and arms then gradually we see our waist, hips and lastly legs slim down. Do not be surprised if your hat and shoe sizes change dramatically if you have a lot of weight to lose. I have gone from a size 6 to a size 4.5 shoe! I put on a hat last week to find it kept falling down over my eyes haha! Knitted ones from now on I think!

Great question and I hope this helps in some small way to answer it.

Doodah x

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