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Re: Typical days eating

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@londonmag 26058 wrote:

As well as another interested in home made protein bars 🙂 i have a question on drinking volumes.
I am 2 weeks post bypass and have bad gout, due to the lack of fluid in me and the body using its fat up etc
I am however doing 2.5l to 3.5l of fluid a day without trying – does anyone else drink that volume. It is all water or low cal squash as opposed to coke and beer as it would have been pre-op, but do not find the liquid difficult to get in and I worry I stretch the pouch 🙁

Hi Keith

Only being only two weeks ahead of you at 4 weeks post bypass (tomorrow).
I find your fluid intake interesting as I too only drink water and no added sugar squash but I am really struggling with my fluid intake and struggle to drink enough, some of this probably comes from never being a tea or coffee addict. Food is presenting no problems, but can’t wait to progress from pureed diet! You should be drinking a minimum of 1.5-2 litres a day, sip it don’t gulp it, its easy to forget. Don’t drink with your food and remember to stop about 30 minutes before eating and leave an hour after. Drinking before eating before an cause your stomach pouch to become too full and possibly stretch it and too soon after likewise but will also flush your meal through too quickly. As I am not drinking enough I do become dehydrated I assume this is not the case with you (dark urine will act as an indicator if you are dehydrated).

Has your gout been properly diagnosed as I was constantly told I probably had gout but after blood tests etc all negative and still suffering alot of pain I asked for an x-ray, no gout but osteoarthritis!
Wishing you all the best and hope the weight is now dropping off.

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