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Re: Typical days eating

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Paul-H wrote:

I am coming up to 8 months post bypass and I also use a tea plate to help gauge my meals, although to be honest the amount really does depend on the consistency of the food, if its of a harder consistency then I can probably only eat about a half a plate, but if its soft like a casserole then I can eat a lot more, which is good as its the only way I can eat meat now and meat is full of the things we need. I know a lot of bypassers have turned vegetarian because they struggle eating meats. I wouldn’t even think of trying roast meat or a bit of steak these days, but if its been in the slow cooker all day then I have no problems.

For Breakfast I normally have 2 Weetabix with milk and a few prunes.

For Lunch probably something on toast, Cheese, scrambled eggs, Sardines or peanut butter.

For Dinner, would be the aforementioned Casserole with veg in the casserole, so really an old fashioned stew. or some other meat and 2 or 3 veg.

Snakes during the day would be things like fruit and Home Made Protein Bars or even something on toast.

To be honest there is very little I cannot eat these days, other than hard meats, I just keep my portion size under control and seem to be doing ok, and my last full blood work-up showed that I have no deficiencies so I don’t need anything other than my multi Vits.

Keep it slow and let your body get used to things and you will be fine.

All the best


Hi Paul-h I’m new to this am going in on 22nd November for bypass but am very interested in your home made protein bars could you please send me how to make them please

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