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Re: two years on.

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@miss missy 27852 wrote:

Hello everybody.havnt been on here for soooo long but i’m coming up to my 2 year anniversary so thought i would have a peek.Read a couple of things that i so associate with.the weight gain topic is very interesting.i have now put on 2 stone of my weight loss.after a year i lost nearly 10 st taking me down to 9st 4lbs,which ive gotta say was way too thin for me.i did look a bit ill.exactly a year ago i was 9 10 which i think was perfect for me.i gave up smoking in june and almost immediatly put on half stone.then i started smoking again and never got that half stone off.then i again gave up smoking in early jan and have put on another half stone,which today makes me 10 12.i’m so dissapointed with this as i dont want to put on any more but i have to stay off the cigs.I am unlucky(i say unlucky because i think i am)to be able to eat anything.and i can eat quite a lot toBut my main problem is my sweet is back with a vengence.before i had my op i truly believed that i needed sweet stuff because my body obviously needed it.Then for a year after my op not one single sweet thing passed my lips cos i was too scared to have a reaction.Then a year ago i had my first taste of chocolate and that was it.i eat chocs,sweets,cakes,biscuits
.nd all brain again now tells me that my body needs it even i know thats rubbish as i didnt give it a 2nd thought for a year and never even missed it.Its true this is a tool cos even though i can eat quite a lot i do still have restriction.i joined slimming world on wednesday,only to try and get some structure back into my life eating wise as i feel i’m spiralling out of control again.REALLY dont want to do that cos being slim is truly the BEST feeling in the world.Also does any body else suffer with the most disgusting wind?I cant win.if i eat healthy i get it and if i eat crappily i get it,xxxxx

Hi again Missy

The wind thing is just something we have to learn to live with I’m afraid :-@

In your other thread you talk about going out drinking. It is so high in calories and will also weaken your resolve so that would be MY first thing to address (I would never dream of telling anyone what they should do.)

I have a terrible sweet tooth too and can eat almost anything except rice and meat.Therefore I am in exactly the same boat as you really. It’s hard, hard work to stay focused and anyone who thinks wls is the easy option should ruddy well try it! I think it’s great that you are attending meetings as that proves to yourself that you want to get back the control you had before. Giving up smoking is hard too. I gave up 30 years ago and thank goodness I did as I now have really bad asthma!

We are all here for you and will always be on your side. Absolutely NO judgement here whatsoever – I promise you that. We ALL understand totally.

Doodah x

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