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Re: two years on.

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Hi Miss Missy,
I am coming up to my two year anniversary and I have lost 11stones now. I am struggling now to lose any more and my weight does go up and down by a pound or two nearly every week. I am back under St Richards again at the moment as I have been having really bad sweats, terrific bad headaches and dizziness and they have discovered I have a problem with my insulin levels going out of control when I eat any type of food. I am now waiting to get an appointment with my local hospital with the dietician where I have to be advised about a low carbohydrate,low glycaemic idex diet and though I am a member of Weight Watchers (I am a helper there) and have been before my op and since my op ( I am someone that needs to be weighed weekly to keep control of my weight), as I said I am struggling to lose anymore I am hoping my new diet will kick start the weight lose again as I would ideally like to lose about another stone and a half.I to had found that I could eat everything again without a reaction until this problem started and it was a constant battle and that is where I found WW helped me stay focused, so good luck with Slimming World.
I to suffer from the most awlful smelling wind no matter what I eat, I think a lot of people who have surgery like us do, just goes hand in hand with it.
Good luck at Slimming World and I do hope you manage to lose the weight that you gained through packing it up smoking.
Elaine xx

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