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@miss missy 27929 wrote:

The wind thing is really bad.I am single and quite happy to be so thank god.cos if i did want a man it would be impossible cos it is just too embarrassing.The alcohol is not a problem.Its just me letting my hair down after years of stopping my nights out now.I wish more than anything that i couldnt eat sweet things as it is a very bad problem for me.There dosnt seem to be many people posting on here like there used to be,xx

Hi Missy

You know why there are not so many people on here at the moment? Because they are so busy off out living their new, happier healthier lives! And that’s just how we like it. It goes in waves and as I am a daily poster on here, I see it happening. It’s one of the things i love the most about my job – I see people from the beginning right through to them posting about their new job/child/partner etc… What could be better than that. And what could be a better thank you to the surgeons than going off and leading a normal healthy life again?

As for the wind, you need to find a man who isn’t bothered by it at all. You would be surprised how many are not! My husband finds mine hilarious lol! It gives them licence to not care about it either 😀 Have you tried charcoal tablets for it. they really work.

Boots Wind relief tablets – 36 tablets – Boots

Doodah x

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