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Re: Two months

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@Kimberly 30668 wrote:

Well today it’s two month since my bypass . I really want to thank all you wonderful people who supported me before and after . It’s really amazing that I’m at this stage . Now you will all want to know about the numbers,
First my health had dramatically improved . Friends , and family notice that my skin looks better . Some have even said I look younger . Especially when they said that at my age woman can look older when they lose weight ( they are really close friends lol) .
I can get off the sofa and chair and have no pain in my knees, I can walk up the stairs not being out of breath , or in pain . No resting half way up the stairs . I can clean my house, Hoover , sweep floors wash windows, without having to stop and rest as I was out of breath .
I can walk a mile getting hot and sweaty but don’t have to stop
. My asthma has dramatically improved I can go out side in the cold and wind without having to mask up with a scarf. I can go shopping on my own without my hubby having to drop me near the entrance as the wind would trigger an asthma attack. I have joined a gym and walk on a treadmill , and used a cross trainer
. I sleep better and I think my sleep apnoea has disappeared hubby says I don’t snore !
My blood pressure had gone down ,and my recent echo showed that my heart valve disease is slightly better , this is all due to WLS
. My husband said that this surgery has given me my sparkle back and I would agree I’m going out more , Iv even been to the pub twice in an evening ( before had been out for 18 month)
. I couldn’t work last year I was too poorly cold and wind trigger asthma attacks , I’m going back to work next month for a few days a week .
I choose WLS despite the risks ,and I was was told I was a high anaesthetic risk and would be in ITU . I went into this with eyes wide open , I knew I could have a heart attack or stroke or die , but I choose quality of life not quantity of life . As you can see forgive the pun the proof in the pudding . In two month my life has dramatically improved , I feel alive .
Is WLS worth it YES are their side effect yes I have to chew my food for ages , I m a cheep date only drink tea ( love it even more now ) water and milky coffee. I can only eat tiny portion of a meal compared to what others are having . I have to watch what I eat and read all labels on food . I can’t have chocolate ,sweets, crisp, high sugar and high fat process food or take away food. I can have healthy food and I mindful that I’m eating the right food . And my shopping bill has gone down .
The number well Iv lost in two month 38 pound . I’m fitting into clothes that Iv never worn before . If I never lose another pound I will say that this has been a success , I have a life .

I cannot tell you just how happy this post makes me Kim. I have been with you right from the start and my goodness, yours has been a difficult journey! It has been a privilege to watch you blossom. You are now helping others and are an inspiration to anyone who thinks they have no future. You took a calculated and highly emotional risk – and have won the jackpot. I simply could not be happier for you. You are a valued member of the South Coast Support Group and are living proof that with a strong will and determination, ANYTHING is possible. Like you say, life is all about quality not quantity.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. I am now all rosy-glow with happiness for you. or is that another hot flush haha?!

Doodah x

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