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Re: tummy tuck

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ruby tuesday

Just posted an update to my tummy tuck, possibly in the wrong area, so popping it in here too! I am now 8 weeks post-op, and have healed well with a nice neat scar that can be hidden under pants, so I could wear a bikini on holiday if I wished. I am very pleased with my flat tummy, and very glad I waited until I had lost as much weight as I was likely to, before I considered having it done, as it gives a better result. I had a little muscle tightening, but that does not feel uncomfortable, my body is mostly back to feeling like it is mine again, apart from where the pant-line scar is, which does still feel tight, a bit like having a belt pulled round you. I think that eases over time, and with gentle massage. Apparently the line of tummy just above the scar which is still swollen will gradually flatten, evidently the fluid cannot drain away as the lymph drainage to the groin is cut as part of the surgery, but that grows back slowly, with excercise helping. I am aenemic due to the surgery, only just picked this up and started iron tablets, but otherwise all is well. Obviously the aememia is why I have felt so drained, so not back up to going on long walks with my walking group yet, will have to work up to that slowly! No surgery is an easy ride, but the results of this operation are worth it, for anyone considering a tummy tuck.

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