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Re: tummy tuck

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@triedeverything 28877 wrote:

I found the bloating was the worse and the constipation. I lost 10st 5 years ago and had a tummy tuck with muscle repair. It went very well I had no major complications except for the bad constipation and bloating. In hindsight I wasn’t near enough goal to have got the best results but now having re-gained around 6 stone I am very impressed with how well my TT had withstood weight gain and how I still don’t have a tummy. But I gained weight everywhere else, face, hips, legs and bum!

Now I’ve had my sleeve surgery I’m really looking forward to see whether it will cope with more drastic weightloss and return to being a good tight flat stomach as I’ve completely abused my poor body!

Thank you so much for sharing this with us – it can’t have been easy to be so brutally honest.

I think you have made a very good point about having corrective surgery too soon. I waited more than four years post bypass to have mine as I wanted to be absolutely certain that I would get the very best results permanently. It is SO expensive that I just couldn’t risk getting it wrong. I’m delighted with my nice flat tum that doesn’t get infections anymore. Mine is a huge scar as I had a fleur de lis (anchor shaped) surgery and muscle repair but I’m just so glad not to have to tuck my overhang into my vest anymore!! The top bit of it could have been tighter but my surgeon also wanted me to be safe so didn’t risk going too tight. From my point of view, I’m not seeking perfection – just better health.

Let’s hope your new weight loss reveals your lovely flat tum in all it’s glory once again 😉 Your regain just goes to show that weight loss surgery is NOT a quick fix and that it takes effort, determination and support – for life. It’s so good of you to share it with us so thanks once again.

Doodah x

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