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Re: tummy tuck

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@ruby tuesday 28818 wrote:

I am just under a week out from my tummy tuck which went very well, and I was in very little pain initially, but the last couple of days am feeling it rather more. My main problem is bloating badly with gas, which I can’t clear, and as I am wearing the compression garments this puts extra pressure on an already very uncomfortable area. I am finding it hard to get food in, which I think is perhaps because (I am a bypass patient) my painkillers cause constipation, and I know from past experience once this builds up, I seem to have little ‘space’ for food! My theory is that I many be constipated, which is causing the wind, and I wondered whether anyone else had experienced this post tummy tuck surgery? I have started eating prunes, and bought prune juice, and do take over the counter wind tablets which don’t actually help, but of course can’t massage my tummy like I would have done pre-op, so can’t think of anything else that might help – I am walking too, in fact, have probably not been resting enough. Any suggestions?

I know it’s an old chestnut ruby but are you drinking enough water? I know that won’t help with the wind initially but it almost certainly will with the constipation of which wind is a by product.

I hated the compression garment with a passion. It made me feel like I had heartburn all the time which of course I didn’t. You are still very newly post op so there may also be surgery gas circulating round your body. In my case, as soon as I was allowed to soak in the bath it seemed to ease it a bit as I could run jugs of warm water over my tummy to simulate a bit of massage.

Nuts are good for constipation and anything that is hard to digest like sweetcorn but in my very humble opinion, loads and loads of water is the thing to do. If in doubt, ask your team.

hope this helps a little

Doodah x

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