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Re: Truly surprising to me!

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@Paul-H 24939 wrote:

Slow and steady is good, just look at the giant tortoise for proof, it moves about as slow as you like and lives for hundreds of years, but a cheeta, speeding about all the time only lives for 8 years.

I have always said the heart is only designed to beat a fixed number of times, if you do exercise you make you heart beat faster and use up the allotted number of beats faster and die younger, well it works for me.

Also pay a visit to your local physiotherapy unit and just see how many of those in their 50’s with worn out hips and knees that used to do running and jogging in their younger days, see excercise is not good for you. How much proof do you need.:)

Remember look after your knees, you will miss them when they are gone.

Also of all the thing in life I have lost, I miss my mind the most.


Oh Paul, that made me laugh out loud, so loud, it made my dogs jump!! Brilliant. Thank you for making me laugh on this freezing cold (summer!!) tuesday morning!! 😀

Doodah xx

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