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Re: Trouble eating veggies

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I am now nearly a year post op and thinking back to my early days I could eat most veg as long as it was well mashed and a sauce or gravey added these days I eat most veg and ones that I didn’t like before like brussel sproats again they have to be well cooked (soft) and as long as a sauce or gravey is added everything is ok apart from the wind that they cause lol. As for fruit again I guess I have been lucky as long as it is soft, grapes, satsuma’s, melon, cherries etc, well chewed I have no problems, just got back into bananas as I had a few problems with them. Apples, pears and pineapple are a no go and I must say I do miss my apples, I can tolerate nuts but again well chewed and only in small amounts. I think it is trial and error but you both as still early days post op so be patience you will get there.
Elaine xx

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