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Re: Travel Insurance

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@squeakyfruitbat 27514 wrote:

Heya I have worked for various insurance companies…. Whatever you do declare your surgery… I don’t want to scare monger but insurance companies are squirmy little g**s… If they don’t have to they won’t pay. Surgery is counted as a pre existing condition. I once had z case where the man had critical illness cover … He got a critical illness … Cardiomyopathy… They refused to pay as he failed to declare he had a knee op aged 12… So very wrong but so very true …. Please please please declare any conditions …. They may even cover it for a few extra pounds … If they exclude it so be it but if you just don’t declare it they’ll use it against you in the event of a claim xxxx

Travel insurance fills me with dread, I have made several claims on a pre existing basis and luckily they have paid out! For 2012 I could not find anyone prepared to cover me due to possible torn cartilage, it drove me around the bend ringing up companies same with every one, the only cover I could have would not cover any pre existing conditions, it was not a risk worth taking. Especially when I went back to the orthopaedic consultant a year later and he said oh no your bone on bone there is no cartilage left, just as well he was stood far enough away I couldn’t reach him, if he had told me that at my previous appointment I could have been on my holiday of a lifetime, sadly at that point I had already arranged my gastric bypass.. All because he said I think you have torn the cartilage in your knee. Furthermore as soon as he found out about the bypass he said now we will talk about knee replacements……..

Insurance is very tricky subject having also worked in that field. I dread the thought of needing to claim and it being refused. You must consider travelling if your not properly insured would you lose your car, house etc to pay for medical bills abroad and the need to be repatriated back home?????

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