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Re: trapped wind

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Hey katie,
I think we were on the MDT day together! Congratulations on the op, I had mine on the 5th march and including 4 weeks on the pre op diet I have lost 5stone 5pound and am down from a size 22 to a 16/18 (depends were I shop!)
I have the same problem as you, I have never been able to burp, my mum can’t either, so I got very uncomfortable in the first few days post op. 8 weeks down the line I still can’t burp but have no problems shifting the wind in the other direction! It’s become very musical in my house.
I still suffer with trapped wind but I find mint tea helps. I do occasionally take a windeze tablet which also helps although I need to check whether this is recommended. Anyway, I promise you it gets easier and very quickly. I still sometimes get the gurgling in my throat but that tends to be when I have eaten too quickly or something that doesn’t agree with me but generally it’s just lots of trumping!
Good luck for the coming weeks, I have absolutely no regrets and I get such a buzz with each little victory!
Good luck
Katy x

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